PSX Mania 001-025 Recap

We’ve hit the milestone of 25 games into the PSX Mania project, and somehow, I’m still at it! Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be able to handle something like this, even in its infancy. Like I said before though, I’m the guy that did “365//365: One Review a Day for 365 Days” and completed it with ease. If I could put that much effort into a project of that scope, perhaps I could pull it off with this too? All I know is, I’m having the time of my life right now. It’s been something I’ve wanted to start for well over a year before I did, and it’s been incredibly good for me mentally and emotionally (outside Blaster Master Blasting Again, Fighting Force 2 and War Gods). It hasn’t been easy, especially with some days of sore arms keeping me up all night, as well as the frustrations of some of the crappier games. Nevertheless, we have 25 games down already. I absolutely cannot wait to take down more of these games on my insane march towards completing the entire North American PS1 library.

I figured I’d do something like this every 25 games – do a little bit of a quick overall feelings coming out of it, as well as link each review, and perhaps do a few little “awards” for that set of games and such. Fun little recaps and such.

First, let’s get links out to each of the first 25 games that we have beaten thus far:

002Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
003Metal Slug X
004Disney’s Hercules
005Street Fighter Alpha 3
006Play With The Teletubbies
007Chrono Cross
008Madden NFL 2000
009Spider: The Video Game
010Marvel Superheroes
011Blaster Mast Blasting Again
012Battle Arena Toshinden
013Silent Bomber
014NHL 2000
015Street Fighter The Movie: The Game
016Fighting Force 2
017Jumping Flash!
018War Gods
019Bushido Blade
020Mortal Kombat Trilogy
021NBA Live 2000
022Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors
023Threads of Fate
024Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It?

Let’s have a little bit of fun and give out some “awards” –

Favorite Game: Chrono Cross (10)
Worst Game: War Gods (0)
Longest Game: Chrono Cross (39:46:13)
Shortest Game: NHL 2000 (10:18)
Biggest Pleasant Surprise: Threads of Fate
Biggest Unpleasant Surprise: Blaster Master Blasting Again
Most Praise On Stream: Street Fighter Alpha 3
Most Swearing On Stream: War Gods
Best Sports Game: NBA Live 2000
Best Fighting Game: Street Fighter Alpha 3
Worst Fighting Game: War Gods
Best RPG: Chrono Cross
Most Unique: Silent Bomber
Best Graphics: Chrono Cross
Worst Graphics: Tekken
Easiest Game: Street Fighter Alpha 3
Hardest Game: War Gods
Wish I Could Play Again Soon: Chrono Cross
Wish I Could Set On Fire: War Gods

There you have it – the first 25 games of PSX Mania, and a little bit of an awards showing as well! I plan to keep up with this every 25 games, and probably every 100 I will forego the 25th breakdown and do an all encompassing blowout spectacular.

Hope to see you for the next 25 games, and beyond!


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