PSX Mania – 015 – Street Fighter The Movie: The Game (1995)

Completion time: 1:31:37

Oh man, it’s been about ten years since I last played Street Fighter The Movie: The Game. It’s crazy how janky it is, and how the controls do feel a bit stiff, but it’s still worth a playthrough.

The animations were so limited, as if this were the SNES port of Street Fighter 2. Sagat’s tiger uppercut is so laughably limited in frames that it’s charming. In general, the visuals were just sad. Some backgrounds had two things animating while the rest was a static background with little to no color variation. Even the voices and sound effects sounded bootleg. The fact that this game features unlimited EX moves once your super bar is full (which takes all but 5 seconds to do) is just insane, especially with how some of the moves work under that guise. It’s borderline broken, but in such an entertaining manner!

The selling point for me has always been the laughably cheesy and cringe music video at the end of the Movie Battle mode. It’s so delightfully 90’s, though it sounds like something you’d hear in the 80’s. It’s just a masterpiece is cringe.

Street Fighter The Movie: The Game is not a good fighting game. It is worth playing if you are a fighting game fan, just to experience what could have actually been Street Fighter 3. Had that gone through, I don’t think the franchise, hell, maybe the genre its self, would have ended up where it is today. But it’s quite the curious tale of what could have been.

Rating: 7

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