PSX Mania – 017 – Jumping Flash! (1995)

Completion time: 1:45:46

I needed something that was basic and simplistic, yet endearing. Blaster Master: Blasting Again, those two levels of Silent Bomber and Fighting Force 2 were too much trash in too little time. This was the reprieve that I so desired. Jumping Flash! provided a joyous 3D platforming adventure, although it was admittedly too easy.

The only times I ever found a true challenge came from the fifth world boss, the sixth world mini boss, and the final boss. The tired and true strategy of bouncing on their heads and shooting down at them wasn’t an appropriate strategy with them, as they had attacks that could unseat my leaps. Everything else was between Fisher Price My First Video Game easy, and average at best in difficulty. That’s not a major knock on Jumping Flash!, though it’s a shame it didn’t push some boundaries with the difficulty in a meaningful, non-rage inducing manner.

I think the star of the experience were the controls. While strafing would have been more than welcome, the jumping mechanic, though awkward at first, works extremely well. With a triple jump in your arsenal, you can reach some high perches with little effort. Your first jump is straightforward, your second jump aims your view under you, as does the final jump. Precision platforming goes a long way in a good 3D platformer, and Jumping Flash! is one of the more precise ones. The music was pretty damn good throughout, fitting each area well. Any sound effects to be had were a bit generic though. Visually Jumping Flash! is charming, even if it can be rough to look at. It visually fit that running theme of simplicity throughout.

What really sells Jumping Flash! is just how enjoyable it is to play. Sure, it might be a little too easy, but sometimes you need games like these in general. This was in the right place at the right time for PSX Mania, and it’s definitely one of my favorites of the project so far. Strongly recommend this to 3D platformer fans that want something chill.

Rating: 8

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