PSX Mania – 010 – Marvel Superheroes (1997)

Completed in: 1:06:18

I’ve always enjoyed the Capcom Marvel fighters that came out through the 90’s. I told this story once before about how I like to think that I was the one who green lit the idea of a Marvel fighting game based around the then current Infinity Gauntlet series going on with Marvel Comics. My memories had been hazy about how bad this port was on the console, as 2D fighting games were severely handicapped in most releases. After spending an hour beating Marvel Superheroes with Juggernaut, Hulk and Shuma Gorath, the slowdown is there, and it’s annoying, but nonetheless I had a ball playing it again.

Maybe it was partially my fault as well, with how I played the game with two large characters that probably take more RAM to get going, and another character where his super slows everything down for a brief moment when it’s being executed. Even still though, Marvel Superheroes played as well as I could remember overall, although the slowdown did feel a bit more harsh than my memory recalls.

Even still, it wasn’t enough to ruin my time replaying it. Honestly, I would have loved to beat the game a few more times with other fighters as well, but three clearings seems like the sweet spot number. It might be missing tons of frames of animation, the slowdown might be grating, and the PS1 d-pad might be pretty ass with fighting games, but Marvel Superheroes is still well worth your time to play and to add to your collection overall. Is it the best Marvel fighter from Capcom on the console? It’s too soon to guess, but despite its flaws, it’s still a memorable romp.

Rating: 9

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