PSX Mania – 006 – Play With The Teletubbies (1998)

Completion time: 1:00:00

I’ll give credit where credit is due – I, at no point at all, coming into this one, thought Play With The Teletubbies would be entertaining in the very least. When I think about “edutainment” “games”, I think the bare minimum for either end of the spectrum combined into one. That was pretty much this game, but oh boy, the sheer hilarity from just how weird and awkward the experience was put me in tears from laughter.

There is no actual end to Play With The Teletubbies, so I just set an arbitrary goal of one hour to look around, pick up my purse, watch weird, random shorts featuring live action recordings of kids doing weird stuff. Only a small handful of activities were unique for each Teletubby, while the majority of the rest were shared between them all.

At no point though, did I feel like this either taught me something, or did I feel that it could teach anyone anything. I mean, unless you consider “teaching people to laugh manically at the experience” something that can be taught, then they succeeded with flying colors! It was serviceable enough visually, was nothing terribly offensive with how the world was set up (or rather the two small hubs). The audio was just a joy. Watching Tinky Winky walking around saying “Tinky Winky! Tinky Winky!” was more hilarious than it had any right to be.

I feel bad that there were people that actually spent money on this “game”, or at least more than $2. It’s very bare bones with content, and like I said, I learned nothing. However, I cannot deny the fact that I was laughing my ass off at points, and that alone is worth the rating it has received.

And yes, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Play With The Teletubbies more than Disney’s Hercules and Metal Slug X. Combined. If you’re feeling down, and you need a hearty laugh, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this a go. Just, don’t pay more than $2 for it.

Rating: 7

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