PSX Mania – 024 – Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It? (2001)

Completion time: 25:29

I don’t know what I was expecting with Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It? Maybe a semblance of edutainment that Play With The Teletubbies lacked, or more in the gameplay department at least. Unfortunately, neither department delivered much of anything to speak of. When I say that, I mean it in a literal sense.

Bob the Builder is, in essence, a collection of a dozen or so extremely basic minigames, with the most flimsy structure of “learning” involved. These minigames requires the most elementary exertions of thought and power, such as several games of finding where the cat is hiding (stars on a clear night hide better than this cat) or knocking down a bridge. The closest thing to actual gameplay involve the two “racing” minigames which, unless you’re intentionally trying to lose, you will likely never come close to being defeated. Hell, one minigame involved making a cake for someone’s birthday; I dropped a candle in the center and went to click to finish right away, leaving any decorations to never touch the cake, and the game considered that a completed minigame!

Bob the Builder: Can We Fix It? didn’t need to exist. The minimalist nature of everything involved here is rather appalling. If this cost more than $10 when it was released, then that’s highway robbery for the amount of content provided. You could basically go visit YouTube, look up Bob the Builder on there, and not only will you likely find more education, but there’s more gameplay in the actual search than the actual game. If you need to get your fill on PS1 edutainment, check out the vastly “superior” Play With The Teletubbies. That will at least make you laugh more than once.

Rating: 3

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