PSX Mania – 021 – NBA Live 2000 (1999)

Completion time: 19:38

Having not played a basketball game for many many years (outside that one time I bought NBA 2K19 for $5 and played 2 minutes of it), I had no idea what to expect from NBA Live 2000. I played a lot of NBA Live 95 on the SNES years ago, and maybe played like 2 minutes of a Live game on the PS1, but that’s really it, for the franchise at least. But hot damn, that was actually a thrilling time I had with Live 2000.

I’m more of a football person in general. While I’m mostly familiar with the NBA roster from that era, basketball, as well as hockey, have never really been my thing. Even if you have the most vague knowledge of the sport, you’ll find NBA Live 2000 to be quite exciting. The controls, especially with analog enabled, felt silky smooth. Passing, whether it’s icon targeted or manually, felt crisp and responsive. Hell, the player models looked pretty damn solid for its time.

The only two minor blemishes to NBA Live 2000 is the god awful looking crowd (man, look how far sports crowds have come) and an audio package that didn’t do much for me. The rest of the package was way more fun than I thought it would be. Even if you’re not a big time basketball fan and you’re a gamer, this one is an easy slam dunks worth of entertainment, and worth having in your collection. That’s 3 for 3 on EA Sports game for the 2000 label. There’s no way we’ll go 4 for 4….or will we?

Rating: 9

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