PSX Mania – 012 – Battle Arena Toshinden (1995)

Completion time: 32:00

Ah, the game that received a 98% from Ultra Game Players in the mid 90’s. Back in the days, Battle Arena Toshinden felt like a floaty, dull fighting game, and 25 years later, it’s about the same exact experience, although honestly, it can be pretty entertaining.

One thing it did having going for it, especially when compared to Tekken, is that the game does look pretty good for a launch title. Nothing mind-blowing, but it’s impressive nonetheless. Even in motion it actually isn’t bad at all. Trying to control things however, isn’t as smooth. Certain commands just flat out didn’t want to come out most of the time. I don’t chalk it up to the PS1’s d-pad being what it is either, it just feels like nothing registered for certain moves for at least half the time they were attempted. The CPU is a mix of annoyingly aggressive, to brainless dweebs jumping off the edge of the stage.

Seriously though, playing through Battle Arena Toshinden was enjoyable enough, maybe even moreso because of the turd I had just flushed previous to it. Along with a bangin’ soundtrack, it’s worth playing at least once. It’s even less of a spectacle in 2021, but it’s competent enough.

Rating: 6

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