PSX Mania – 062 – My Disney Kitchen (2002)

Completion time: 25:35

Xena: Warrior Princess was actually the original #062, however due to a conglomerate of seething rage aspects (the touchiest controls ever, the most annoying enemies ever, in the most tight of traversal areas ever), we boxed it for now. It’s sad too, cause we were on the second to last stage, and the game literally became unplayable. Feeling frustrated and pissy beyond belief, I decided to play the one game that wouldn’t fail me, yet still did – My Disney Kitchen.

Basically all you have to do is make a meal, have Mickey and Minnie come over, eat it, and that’s the game really. I made them a microwaved chicken with grape jelly, as well as a microwaved fish with chocolate, but I couldn’t remember how to get them to come over. When I went to the Demo section, it reminded me about what I needed to do, so I just baked a flavorless cake for them, they came over, ate it and that was that.

Really though, this game does not need to exist. The only reason why it’s getting the rating I am giving it is because it was the calming I needed after the massive mountains of rage that Xena put me through. Otherwise yeah, 100% pointless game.

Rating: 1


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