Dreamcast Mania – 019 – Power Stone

Completion time: 54:10

This will be sacrilege to some – I never liked Power Stone. Ever. Actually, let me better phrase that – I never liked Power Stone, but for some odd reason, I did enjoy Power Stone 2. I forgot exactly why I disliked the game as much as I did, but replaying it for the first time in ages, it was easy to see why.

I don’t consider this a fighting game. It’s on the same level as Super Smash Bros. – it’s a button masher party game with very little in-between to it. The combat is bland, with boring samey attack combos and some stuff to throw and shoot. The actual concept of the Power Stone power-ups isn’t too foreign but, against the CPU at least, it’s way too overpowered. Fights are reduced to grabbing the stones, and doing everything you can to make sure they don’t land the hits that they always seem to land, which make you drop your stone.

The first form of the final boss reminded me even more why I can’t stand this game – overly cheap AI that always seems to with against you in a game of Dive Kick. That and he’ll almost always land the belly flop, from seemingly anywhere he jumps from and where you’re standing. His damage output is ridiculous. One of the most obnoxious “final” bosses I’ve ever seen. The actual final boss was lame, but way more tolerable.

I’m sorry, I just really don’t like Power Stone. I’m not even sure why I like the sequel. Maybe it was more chaotic with more fun stages and four player action. I know there’s a big fanbase to this game, and more power to them. I just cannot stand so much that goes on with it. I do think the franchise should make a come back nonetheless, because there’s potential in that IP overall.

Rating: 3


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