Dreamcast Mania – 020 – Soul Calibur

Completion time: 14:17

There was a time where I thought Soul Calibur was overrated. Unlike Power Stone though, those opinions changed over time. Nowadays I feel that it’s easily a top five fighting game on the Sega Dreamcast.

The only fault I can really unearth is how the intro isn’t a CG intro like the typical Namco fighting game. One bonus is that after unlocking some stuff, you can more or less make every character Voldo or Lizardman in the intro. That’s really grasping straws though to find a negative to the game.

Everything else is of the highest quality – from the audio, to the still gorgeous visuals, to the silky smooth controls. We didn’t do the Mission Mode, although after I beat the game once, I was kinda wanting to stay on it and play some more. We’ll definitely pick it up again at some point just to play around with.

I have no idea why I thought Soul Calibur was overrated. It’s easily one of the greatest launch games ever, on a console with an amazing launch line up of games. I haven’t played a Soul Calibur since 4, but I’m sure this one stands up to 6 easily, although oddly enough, I do prefer Soul Calibur 2. I’m weird, I know. Regardless, play this game, and if you have played it before, play it again.

Rating: 10


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