PSX Mania – 055 – Doom (Ultimate Doom) (1997)

Completion time: 5:44:50

It’s been a while since we played a game that was over 5 hours long. If they were all as timeless and wonderfully made like Doom, then I’d be doing that a lot more often.

This was the first time in maybe 15 years that I played the PS1 version of Doom. I remember back when it came out, I used to get super nauseous trying to play it. Thankfully that passed by after time. I did beat both Ultimate Doom and Doom II 15 years ago, though most of it was all foggy, save a few specific areas and levels that I remembered in a not so savory way.

In general, Doom aged gracefully. The only spots that stuck out as irksome were the few stages/areas I remembered that were a massive pain in the ass, getting stick on walls, and the god awful lighting, or lack thereof. The thing is, it’s just so damn good, that you can easily overlook those frustrations in the grand scheme of things.

I decided to only play Ultimate Doom this go. Doom II is going to be its own separate “game” to playthrough at a later date. Nonetheless, the PS1 port of Doom is magnificent, and was definitely one of the best ports of its time.Definitely would be worth your time if you’re into 90’s FPS games.

Rating: 9


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