PSX Mania – 056 – Bloody Roar (1997)

Completion time: 30:30

At this point we should rename PSX Mania to Fighting Game Mania with how many fighting games we’ve done on this project so far. I love fighting games though. (Usually) quick and easy games that are enjoyable. We did play a mediocre and stinker this past stream though. Bloody Roar wasn’t a stinker thankfully.

With a punch and kick button as the only attack buttons, I thought that the gameplay would have been dumb down substantially. Luckily enough, it didn’t feel that way, and it was another game in the same vein as Star Gladiator and Rival Schools where I could tell there’s a ton of depth to the actual fighting engine. I unfortunately don’t have the time on this project to really dig into it. What I learned and did on this playthrough though, was a lot of fun.

The one big frustration centers around an issue I ran into throughout this last stream we did – idiotic final boss difficulty. It wasn’t as bad as a couple of games we’ll be discussing later, but it’s a shame that a solid fighting game gets brought down by a poorly made final boss that requires actions that you would never pull off on a human opponent, just to defeat.

Bloody Roar, though, was one of the better fighting games we’ve come across so far on the project. If you want something that’s simple to jump into, yet has layers of complexity you can learn, this is one of the better fighting games to pick up.

Rating: 8


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