PSX and Dreamcast Mania VODS Now Appearing On YouTube

I’ve been pretty lazy when it comes to getting PSX and Dreamcast Mania uploaded consistently on YouTube. For the last two weeks, and for at least the next three weeks, every Monday through Friday will be a new upload. This week was Dreamcast uploads, next week will be PSX, week after Dreamcast, and then after that PSX again, and continue on with PSX as I’ve completed more games there than on the Dreamcast.

I’m going to try my best to get these done and out Monday through Friday beyond three weeks from now as well, though it’s not a quick and easy process. While multi-part VOD’s are going up on the same day, when we get to something like Alundra, we’re going to split the five parts into one per weekday.

Check out my YouTube channel, give it a subscribe to keep up to date with the project uploads! I’m not streaming as much as I’d like to, but I still have a lot of stuff that will be getting uploaded.


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