Twitch Stream Highlights – 1/31/21

After having to delay the PS1 demo/prototype/unreleased/English patched stream a few times, we went head first Saturday night into the aforementioned. Sadly though, most of the games I pooled out were either disappointing (Titan AE, a patched demo I’ve been wanting to play for a very long time) or just didn’t work (Aeon Flux, a Robocop tech demo).

By far though the two highlights of the evening were Resident Evil 1.5 and, of all things, Spawn The Eternal. The former produced a number of expected bugs, one of which seemed to be a reoccurring theme to that stream – climbing invisible ledges and clipping out of bounds. I had went backwards accidentally and exited an area I had just gotten to in a buggy manner already. When I tried to get back, the initial issue of accessing that area in the first place had returned (instead of opening the elevator, I climbed an invisible ledge and was running above the ground, unable to go anywhere), basically ending my run. I hadn’t played a Resident Evil 1.5 beta/leak since it was originally released, so I saw a number of brand new areas and cutscenes I hadn’t seen previously. 1.5 was my “holy grail” of unreleased games for a very long time (now it’s Castlevania: Resurrection for the Dreamcast, something that apparently never did have any working demos sadly) and having had a chance to finally play a bit more than I ever did before, it was well worth it, bugs notwithstanding.

The main event of the stream though, of all games, was a prototype of one of the worst PS1 games ever – Spawn The Eternal. I tried three times to get this to work on my console, and each time it froze before it loaded its first level. The third time, I had pulled the game out of my garbage bin just to try once more. Refusing to end the stream on a mediocre note (Magic Castle‘s attempt to embarrass me with its wacked out level changing and deaths), I went ahead and loaded Spawn on my PS1 emulator on my PC.

Oh boy. I did NOT see the calamity coming.

Let’s just say that this was a lot buggier than I had anticipated. I don’t ever remember running into these bugs in the full game (awful camera and clipping issues I don’t consider a bug), but they ranged from the incoherent:

to the incomprehensible:

to the single greatest error screen in gaming, hell, maybe the greatest in life ever:

I honestly don’t think I’ll ever encounter any kind of error message that comes close to this one.

All in all, despite many of the games showcased either lacking or not working properly, it was an eventful enough evening. Will definitely be doing a few more streams leading up to when I’m set to launch PSX Mania. Come check the stream out and give me a follow on Twitch if you haven’t already! I can’t promise you BIG BOO BOO, BABY every night, but we’ll play through some of the best (and worst) video games ever each stream, and have a good time doing so! Also, follow me on Twitter as well, as I’ll be tweeting when I go live, and about other annoying ramblings.


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