The Galarian Chronicles – Update #4

So yeah, it’s been too long since the last update. Since then, it’s been a difficult journey, for a number of reasons. Working a dead end job was pretty soul crushing. Between that and just bad people popping into my life, I’ve been drained of any desires to write in general.

Then covid came around, and as dark as it sounds, that led to the beginning of a paradigm shift for me.

That dead end job? Gone. I was laid off coincidentally at the time covid started becoming a debacle. I worked in a high tourist traffic area, so being let go when I was, it was a blessing in disguise. I’m someone that will always get sick if someone around me is sick, even if not in a close capacity. Covid is something I do not want to bring home.

A lot of things happened between then and now as well. But the biggest takeaway is that this pandemic was the catalyst for change with me. Although it took that long for me to get that jump start that I needed, it helped bring me to where we are today.

During the entire time of my “hiatus”, I haven’t put in any kind of work on The Galarian Chronicles, unless you consider transferring files and the most minute editing as work. I have everything put together in one place now when it comes to the story its self, which is good because it’s a lot faster for me to “change pages” and look back at what I previously completed. The entire time away from writing though, I’ve had the story running through my mind. So while it’s not all written out, the story is largely pieced together in my head. It’s always been more about not knowing how to put it all down “on paper” and lacking the time to do so when I actually had it in me to, than not knowing what comes next.

I also have this insane project that I am going to be starting up on Twitch called PSX Mania. From the outside looking in, that seems like it will take away time from writing and completing The Galarian Chronicles. It’s really a non-issue though. The fact that I’ve been consistently writing now in general for the last month and change, says a lot about how much focus I’ve regained. Right now my schedule for all of this doesn’t exist. I’m working on fixing my completely decimated sleep pattern so I’m not doing the streaming super late night into early morning and then writing after that (or even perhaps beforehand). Once I figure out stream times (and am awake during human hours), the rest will fall into place for sure.

This update hasn’t been so much an update on the story, but more an update on why there hasn’t been updates on it. I want to get back into a consistent updating schedule, although I am not holding myself to say, an update every other week. I may not be feeling it with writing, and I am not gonna force something out. With the next update, I already have a few things I want to share. Also, the “Coming Late 2021” might be misleading. The plan is to be done with the writing for sure by the end of the year. The editing, the means of publishing and distribution, will take time. The editing will be less of a headache, and I know more or less what that entails. The means of publishing and distribution is totally foreign to me. That may take time. My goal has been to tell a series of stories, and have it distributed like other fantasy stories, whether paperback or Nook, or other similar devices. I’ll aim a total completion goal for the end of the year anyway, but realistically, Late 2021 will be for when I wrap up the writing overall.

The Galarian Chronicles its self is a three part saga. Beyond that, the foundation of a new series will be established. Whether it’s a one-off story or its own continual saga, there’s more to this world that I’ve let on. I know how these first three stories play out, and I know the endgame of this journey as well. But, to reach that endgame, I need to be sure I complete the first area, and with the way things have fallen into place, we’ll be working towards that goal once again.

The next update has no timetable currently. I don’t want to feel like I am being forced to give an update at set intervals, but they will be coming for sure. I have some ideas on what to add for the update though, besides the usual jargon. Regardless of whether it’s The Galarian Chronicles, PSX Mania or anything else, if things hold course, there’s a lot of content overall coming to Galarian Gaming. So stay tuned to the site and follow me on Twitter to keep up to date in real time when updates on the site go out!


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