PSX Mania Has a Start Date

I’ve finally settled down with when exactly to get PSX Mania going once and for all:

What is PSX Mania? Check the link for more information!

No turning back now! Honestly though, I’ve been trying to find the best time to get this going, where I won’t need to be pausing to take breaks to tend to certain ongoing obligations that I thought would have been wrapped up by now. That’s okay though – in setting a schedule for the next ten days, I’ve pretty much sketched out what I think we’ll be seeing (all times are EST):

  • 2/19: 9pm-? (likely 6am at the very least)
  • 2/20: 9pm-?
  • 2/21: TBA
  • 2/22: 9pm-?
  • 2/23: TBA
  • 2/24: 9pm-?
  • 2/25: TBA
  • 2/26: 9pm-?
  • 2/27: 9pm-?
  • 2/28: TBA

Any days with TBA will likely be announced either as will be streaming (with a start time likely later than 9pm) or a no-go, by sometime between 6 and 10pm EST.

I can’t yet commit to a set schedule, at least not until perhaps sometime in March. If and when certain obligations are done and out of the way, I can not only commit to a more proper writing schedule as a whole, but likely commit to a better set schedule for PSX Mania. This also may include earlier start times, or maybe not, and I’ll try to cater to a late night US/early morning UK schedule. Being nocturnal for most of my adult life, I find it easier to do just about anything I need to at such late times. Hopefully I shed this gnarly cough I’ve gotten over the last couple of days. Feels like a return of something I’ve dealt with months ago, only now whatever I was given for it before, does nothing. It’s also kinda weird how I’m going to basically be either watching my favorite streams/streamers on VOD’s because now I’m going into this head first and want to spend plenty of time doing so. I’m not even sure what days I would have as off either, but we’ll get there when we get there!

As a non-spoiler preview for what’s coming up (outside the first five games already listed on my completion page), there’s a Squaresoft/Square EA RPG that I have not played in many many years (and will likely take 70+ hours, and I can’t wait), a sports game with the greatest intro in the history of video games, a 32-bit iteration of an 8-bit classic, digitized fighters, different digitized fighters, Aliens, Duke’s, Zelda clones and….a builder.

Follow me on Twitch, where this will all go down! After what seems like forever, it’s pretty sweet that I’ve finally hunkered down and get a start time for this! I have absolutely no idea how well this will go, but you’ll never knew unless you try, yeah? Hope we can get some traction on this, and above all else, have a killer time playing through one of the greatest gaming catalogs ever!

See you Friday, February 19th at 9pm EST at for the debut of PSX Mania!


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