5 Safe Bets and 5 Dream PlayStation Classic Titles

It seems as if Sony is getting into the console classic market with Nintendo, Sega and Neo Geo, as they announced plans for a PlayStation Classic to be released this December. With a suggested retail price of $99.99, this mini console will have twenty built in titles, and feature one controller. While the decision to omit the Dual Shock controller have made many scratch their heads in confusion, the lack of a USB power supply is equally as confusing. Nonetheless, the original PlayStation console was chock full of some of the greatest games ever released. Just about every genre had a significant representation, and it became one of Sony’s finest pieces of hardware.

With twenty games announced (only five revealed so far – R4: Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash!! and Wild Arms), it’s definitely more than enough games to satisfy any fan of the console. But what will the other titles be? As with my SNES Classic, and then N64 Classic game/dream list, here’s my list of the five “safe bet” games that will likely be added, as well as five games that are dream inclusions that might be unlikely, for one reason or another.

Leave a comment down below with games you’d love to see on Sony’s new mini console:

— — —

Safe Bets



Metal Gear Solid

One of Konami’s finest hours, Metal Gear Solid was a stealth game with a heavy emphasis on storyline. The scope was unlike any game anyone had seen up until then, and is always pointed out as one of the consoles best releases. While I’ve never been much of a fan of the franchise (though ironically enough, I loved the one that divide a number of fans of the franchise, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots), I recognize the value to the medium that it provided. With it being a backbone of the console, I couldn’t see it being left off this unit.



Resident Evil

Another one of Sony’s big guns, Resident Evil was loaded with B-movie voice acting, and an experience that was fresh to most gamers. Though the tank-like controls have not aged well whatsoever, there’s more than enough incentive to add it into this unit. Though it might make more sense to include the superior Resident Evil 2 instead, with the upcoming remake on the PlayStation 4, there’s a bit of a redundancy to that. It’s always possible, but I’d say the first Resident Evil would be a much better choice, and if no RE title is featured on this mini, then I’ll eat a Jill sandwich.



Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Konami carried over their successes from the 8 and 16-bit consoles, and had their hands in someone the 32-bit worlds most cherished titles. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night was yet another one of those success stories. Being the first Metroidvania style game in the franchise, SotN put players in the cape of Alucard, through a massive castle, with gear, secrets and RPG-like leveling. It’s been re-released throughout the years on a few platforms, but it was a breakout star on Sony’s PlayStation, and is a cinch to be included on the Classic this December.



PaRappa the Rapper

PaRappa the Rapper might not have been the first rhythm based game to be released on a console, but its charming protagonist and fresh beats definitely makes for the perfect introduction to the genre. Timing button presses to have PaRappa rap at the right time, was a unique gameplay spin at the time in the US, and the memorable songs and cast of characters have more than earned their spot on the list. Hopefully there won’t be any input lag, or else it will make this experience completely miserable.



Gran Turismo 2

A major success story from the original PlayStation console was the launch of the Gran Turismo franchise. Featuring an “authentic” driving simulation, a myriad of cars and gorgeous 32-bit visuals, Gran Turismo became a staple in the library of Sony’s unit. Its sequel, Gran Turismo 2, expanded upon it, and for me at least, was the vastly superior title. I’d spend hours on the Rally racing, sliding through the muddy tracks. The only stickler here would be the licensed soundtrack, but I’m sure that could be remedied (I don’t think anyone opposes the removal of Rob Zombie’s Dragula from existence at this point).

— — —

Wish List



Legend of Dragoon

Having never played Legend of Dragoon before, I feel it would be a definite “wish list” title, as I’ve wanted to play this for a very long time, despite the mixed reaction I’ve received from friends throughout the years. This was supposed to be a “Final Fantasy VII killer” of some sort, featuring a massive experience that spanned four discs. For longevity sake, the PlayStation Classic could definitely benefit from Legend of Dragoon, and give players another chance to try this game out.




Come on, did you really think I’d let a list like this go by without mentioning the brilliance of Suikoden? I’ve said it before — and I’ve said it recently — and I’ll say it again — Suikoden is a game that anyone who enjoys a good story and an impeccable soundtrack. It’s not the prettiest game, it might have uninspired spells/effects and controls, but you will never forget the story it tells, and this is the perfect way to get those without a PlayStation 3 or 4 to experience this brilliant world. Suikoden 2 would be more than welcome as well, and offer a one-two punch of memorable RPG experiences.



Street Fighter Alpha 3

While the Sega Saturn might have aced the PlayStation with the 2D fighting genre, Street Fighter Alpha 3 was still perhaps the most solid and fluid 2D brawler on Sony’s unit. It wasn’t just the fact that the game ts self was one of Capcom’s finest hours in the genre, but the World Tour mode that was added the the console port gave the package a significantly higher replay value. To this day it’s still fun to run a fighter through it, and give them perks they previously hadn’t seen. I’d honestly be shocked if Alpha 3 didn’t make an appearance.



Driver: You Are The Wheelman

Before Grand Theft Auto let you cruise through a city in third person vehicular form (with an actual storyline to boot), Driver was the go-to game. Featuring four real life cities to drive through and complete a plethora of tasks and missions, Driver felt like something completely fresh when it came to giving players a different gaming experience. As annoying as the initial “driving test” was, I’d love to see this one featured as one of the twenty games. It hasn’t aged particularly well, but IMO it was a key piece to the PlayStation library, and still worth a whirl today.



Chrono Cross

In a way, I want to say Chrono Cross would likely be a safe bet, but with the library Square Enix has to pull from on the console, who knows? One of the most visually pleasant PS1 games, Chrono Cross spanned two discs, and offered gameplay that was fresh and unique to the genre. With a bevvy of RPG’s to pull from across all companies, Chrono Cross really deserves to be included. It might not have satisfied fans of Chrono Trigger, but it did receive widespread praise nonetheless, and still marks the final game in the franchise.


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