5 Safe Bets and 5 Dream N64 Classic Titles

As of this writing, we aren’t even two months away from the launch of the SNES Classic on September 29th, and already there are rumors abound of an N64 Classic being put together. Natural progression would have confirmed this weeks ago, but to see these specific patents and trademarks being filed certainly gets the hype train running at full speed.

The Nintendo 64 housed a number of brilliant titles that still hold up to this day. From genre defining platformers to wrestling titles that still have an Von Erich claw over those that came after it, the N64’s mark on the gaming world is one that will never fade away. That’s not to say that the library isn’t filled with a bunch of duds though, but the brilliance of the N64’s best games tends to overshadow some of the lesser remarkable ones.

As with my article about the safe bets and dream Super Nintendo Classic games, I will lay out five titles that are not complete Captain Obvious safe bets (such as Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, etc.), as well as five games that I’d love to see, and how plausible it would be to have it included in the N64 Classic. With the possibility if having four USB slots available, we will see a myriad of party titles, many I do not touch upon on though. I’m also going to go out on a limb and predict that there will be no more than 18 games on this unit.

Safe Bet


F-Zero X

On a console overflowing with racing games, F-Zero X should easily be one that makes the cut. Taking an already break neck speed game on the Super Nintendo and amping it up even more, F-Zero X if far and away one of the strongest racing games on the platform, and one that will thrill many gamers.



Mega Man 64

Capcom’s first 3D blue bomber title might seem as a bit of a stretch for a “safe bet”, but seeing as Capcom’s involvement is limited on the N64, and with their titles being featured on the NES and SNES Classics, this seems plausible. A divisive title, Mega Man 64, a port of Mega Man Legends from the Sony PlayStation, is a game I very much enjoyed, once I got the hang of the camera controls. It may not light the world on fire, but given Capcom’s light involvement with the N64, this seems like the most likely candidate to be added.



Dr. Mario 64

While most gamers from the 32/64 bit generation will remember Tetrisphere, the lesser talked about puzzle game on the N64 would definitely help cure those looking for a puzzle game to play on the N64 Classic. I feel Dr. Mario as a whole has been an under appreciated franchise since its always been side by side with the likes of Tetris on home consoles and handheld units, but hopefully this will be just enough of a dose to get people talking about it once more.



Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

The first two Turok games were some of the more impressive first person titles during its era. With two of the more prolific tiles in the genre seemingly in limbo in regards to being added to the N64 Classic (more on that coming up soon), there had to be a first person shooter included, and it’s safe to say that Turok: Dinosaur Hunter would fill that gap nicely.



Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness

As with Capcom, Konami’s involvement with the Nintendo 64 was lackluster, and as with Capcom, if we’re going under the assumption that those two will once again be represented, Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness seems like the strongest title to add. While it’s definitely not the best N64 game and a poor 3D Castlevania title (Lament of Innocence remains my go to 3D Castlevania game), with the potential lack of Rare’s powerhouse 3D platformers, we may have to deal with sloppy seconds. Hey, I didn’t say all of the games would be stellar!


Wish List



Perfect Dark/GoldenEye 007

Above all else, what would put the Nintendo 64 Classic over the top would be having either Perfect Dark, GoldenEye 007, or both, on the console. Unfortunately there are licensing issues involving Microsoft and rights to the Bond franchise that may put a bullet into those dreams. Perfect Dark was re-released in a remastered form on the Xbox Live Arcade back in 2010, and then years later on the Xbox One as a part of Rare Replay. For many, GoldenEye and/or Perfect Dark defined their N64 experiences, mostly due to its brilliant multiplayer modes, but the chance to seeing either of those games are next to none. Please prove me wrong, Nintendo.

Plausibility: Low



Any AKI WCW/WWF Wrestling Game

For others, the Nintendo 64 was defined by its wrestling games by developer AKI. WCW vs nWo: World Tour, WCW/nWo: Revenge, WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and WWF No Mercy, to this day, remain some of the best wrestling games ever. Once again though, the whole licensing issue may put a sleeper hold on any hopes that we will see one of those gems added in. This wish list dares to dream big this go around, and sadly they will be dashed repeatedly.

Plausibility: Low



Conker’s Bad Fur Day

One of the N64’s most celebrated platformers, Conker’s Bad Fur Day mixed shock value and enjoyable gameplay and put created a game that’s still talked about to this day. The foul mouthed squirrel, however, is another Rare title, and Rare is owned by Microsoft, so like with GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark, it seems unlikely we will be seeing this added onto the console. As with the aforementioned, Conker’s Bad Fur Day was on the Xbox One in the Rare compilation game, Rare Replay.

Plausibility: Low



Sin and Punishment

Probably the most realistic selection on my wish list, Sin and Punishment wasn’t even released in the North American region when it launched. Seeing a Wii Virtual Console release in 2007, there’s no reason why this sexy shooter shouldn’t be added onto the N64 Classic. With English voices, it’s easy to get into what the game is about, and the Cabal style gameplay with that flare from developer Treasure, Sin and Punishment would be a wonderful, plausible addition to the line up.

Plausibility: High



Vigilante 8

With Sony having exclusive rights to the Twisted Metal franchise, Activision brought forth a multi-platform vehicular combat title that did a serviceable job at creating their own game in the franchise. Being a unique sub genre to the Nintendo 64, where kart racers and arcade racer ports were the norm, along with a moderately enjoyable gameplay as a whole, Vigilant 8 would definitely fit a niche that has enough fans to warrant its inclusion.

Plausibility: Medium


With the library of games the Nintendo 64 has, there’s definitely going to be a plethora of titles left off this list than a number of you would love to see. Leave a comment below and let me know which games you want to see!


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