Brief Site Update

As you may have seen (or, to be obvious, not have seen), there’s been a lack of content coming through Galarian Gaming since my E3 articles back in June. There’s been a few different contributing factors to this; for one, I’ve been dealing with some life issues that popped up once more but have settled down again. Adding onto this is being in a room with no air conditioning and its physical tolls that it’s taking on me. I spend more time out and away from here to mitigate the mostly unbearable conditions. I haven’t been playing many games because of this, especially the ones from my summer 2017 backlog.

I will be picking up Sonic Mania via Steam this coming week and hope to have a review done sometime within a week of its release. I had wanted to get Mario + Rabbids as well, however it’s still a pain to track down a Switch, although I may have a connection helping me out with that very soon.

There’s also a rather huge announcement coming within the next few weeks that involves myself, and adversely this site and its future contents. I’m not able to reveal this news just yet, other than to say that there’s a bigger picture to this all. Once the details have been hashed out, I will no doubt share this news with everyone.

It’s been a frustrating couple of months after coming back from an amazing trip to E3 2017, but it looks as though the big picture has started to transform from a jigsaw puzzle to a framed portrait. I’ll keep you all up to date as soon as things get sorted out!

Oh, and since articles without images are no fun, here’s a picture of a pimp Predator:



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