Get To Know: Top 25 Games of All-Time (Random Facts)

The “Get To Know” line of articles are built to get a better impression of what I love/hate, and why, through a more direct means. While my tastes have been quite unconventional to the “norm” we’ve seen, I feel as if it’d be beneficial to run a series of articles that go into what I adore, and deplore, about gaming, and why.

I thought it’d be fun to release some random facts about my Top 25 Games of All-Time list. It will be a brief glimpse of the overall landscape of the list, without spoiling exactly what’s to come.

  • Number of RPG’s (all sub-genres, Zelda games do not count): 9
  • Fighting games: 1
  • Nintendo console only titles: 12
  • Games that saw a release of some form on a Sony console: 6
  • PC only titles: 2
  • Number of current generation games: 3
  • Games I’ve purchased for multiple platforms: 9
  • Games I’ve purchased on three or more platforms: 3
  • Games with multiplayer components that I played extensively with: 6
  • 8 bit games: 3
  • 16 bit games: 4
  • Portable only: 1
  • Oldest console on the list: NES
  • Newest console on the list: PS4
  • First person shooters: 2
  • Final Fantasy games: 2
  • Final Fantasy games that end with VII: 0
  • Games that start with the word “Star”: 2
  • Games that can typically be beaten in under 3 hours: 5
  • Mech games: 1
  • 3D platformer: 4
  • Games released in the 20th century: 13
  • Games that start with the letter “S”: 9
  • Games with a numeric value in its title: 9
  • Number of games from Capcom: 2
  • Number of games from Square/soft/Enix: 2
  • Games with the number “3” in them: 5
  • Number of games I consider as true “hidden gems”: 3
  • Sports games: 0
  • Games that have swords of some kind in them: 11
  • Number of games 99% of you likely have never played: 1
  • Number of Grand Theft Auto games: 1
  • Number of Halo, Metal Gear, God of War or Dark Souls games: 0
  • Number of truly awesome games: 25

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