Get To Know: Top 25 Games of All-Time (Intro)

The “Get To Know” line of articles are built to get a better impression of what I love/hate, and why, through a more direct means. While my tastes have been quite unconventional to the “norm” we’ve seen, I feel as if it’d be beneficial to run a series of articles that go into what I adore, and deplore, about gaming, and why.

I alluded to a major project I was going to work on throughout 2018, but due to repeated illnesses, I was unable to produce a healthy enough queue to get it going. That project was going to be my top 100 games of all-time, in which I would go into a great bit of detail on each game, and why it has a position on said list.

With this miniseries I have going with Get To Know, it’s given me a renewed sense of urgency to try and get some portion of this project revealed and shared with everyone. Instead of being overly ambitious, I’ll truncate the list to a top 25; that’s more than enough to show the kinds of games I adore the most, and the genres that they represent.

The plan right now is releasing one a week for the next twenty-five weeks. I may end up doing two a week, but that’s yet to be determined. I was going to do five parts, with five titles in each part, but towards the latter half, things started getting a lot more wordy than I’d like for a one sitting read. This has taken most all my time away from The Galarian Chronicles (which, I will release more information about it very soon – I did not forget), but with it being 90% complete, I can get back to getting the book worked on.

Stay tuned for a more steady content flow with Galarian Gaming! I’ll be adding things in-between each installment of this Top 25 Games of All-Time. Posts will begin either this week coming, or the week of the 26th.

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I've been writing about gaming off and on since 1998, and a gamer since 1983. After an extended hiatus (and then a hiatus on top of the hiatus), I've decided to open up my own Wordpress site and get back to what's felt like my lifelong passion - writing about anything and everything gaming related. I'm always looking for new opportunities to extend my reach and share my work. If you like what you see, please email me at

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