Quick Impressions: Nintendo Conference

With Nintendo completing their conference (this is discounting Treehouse news showing right after), we now have all three console makers showing of their upcoming titles. Nintendo had a lot to top with Microsoft’s and Sony’s showings over the last few days. The question now is, how did Nintendo fare against their competition?

The Good

  • Variety A-Plenty

With not a whole lot on the Switch ATM, Nintendo unveiled a healthy number of titles coming down the pipe. Yoshi looks charming as ever, as does the new Kirby game shown. There’s no doubt that there’s going to be support given to the console from Nintendo and other companies under their umbrella.

  • Two Major Surprises

It was announced that a core RPG by the Pokemon team, was being developed for the Switch. One can only assume it will be related to the famed franchise. It’s a surprise in the sense that a recent Nintendo Direct show had everything Pokemon, and nothing was mentioned or alluded to about a Switch game. But what shook the earth was the number four. Glowing in blue, this number four sat at the center of the screen for several seconds, until the all to familiar musical stings from the Metroid franchise hit. It was listed as “now in development for the Nintendo Switch” So this could mean it’s in its infancy, which would mean it will be a couple more years before we get to suit up as Samus Aran again.

  • Super Mario Odyssey WOW’s

While I’m typing this, the Treehouse stream has some more Mario Odyssey gameplay going. But the trailer for the game, with how Mario’s hat is more than just a gimmick, absolutely floored me. Tossing his hat towards a myriad of different creatures or items, seemingly gave Mario the ability to take control of it. From a literal frog Mario, to a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Super Mario Odyssey seems to be incredibly deep. Anyone of the fence with the Switch might easily be swayed by Odyssey.

The Bad

  • Is the 3DS Dead?

While this was really a Nintendo Switch showcase, there wasn’t much, if any 3DS news outside Ultra Sun and Moon in a passing manner. Are we starting to see the imminent demise of Nintendo’s amazing handheld unit? In a way, it would make sense, as regardless of how Nintendo sees it, the 3DS is competing with the Switch in a sense, when it comes to portable gaming. Hopefully the game floor will show off some 3DS titles coming up.

  • Third Party Support Is Still Light

We’ve seen Nintendo and the usual support from companies under their umbrella, but nothing much more beyond that. Though this is Nintendo’s show and the focus is upon what they themselves are delivering, it almost seems like a mistake to not make mention or show off more titles from third party developers. What was shown today was phenomenal, don’t get me wrong, but Nintendo needs more than just the usual list of developers they’ve been working with since the Wii.

What did you think of Nintendo’s showing? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!


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