Quick Impressions: Sony Conference


With Sony’s E3 conference wrapping up, we have two thirds of the console manufacturer trifecta represented and shown off. Sony has never been one to let down gamers with their showings at E3, and this year was no different. With the threat of Microsoft’s Xbox One X looming on the horizon, who could Sony call upon to combat the imminent threat?


Oh, and there were other games too. But lets go over the good and the bad with Sony’s E3 conference:

The Good

  • Spider-Man. Just, Spider-Man.

When Spider-Man was announced last year, it immediately garnered my attention. My hopes were that Insomniac would recapture the feel of Spider-Man 2, and build upon that. It’s safe to say that I did not expect to be blown away like I was. The visual fluidity and finesse of Spider-Man, the combat, the game world, everything was jaw dropping. I had already mentioned that this was going to be one of the four games that I had to play, and after watching that demo, if it is playable on the show floor, I may have to swing by there first.

  • Spider-Man

Read above.

  • A Refreshing Blend of New, Old and Returning IP’s

God of War’s reboot look fantastic in every respect. As someone that wasn’t a big fan of the franchise overall, it has me interested and wanting to see more about it. Add in what looks like a Shadow of Colossus remaster of sorts and you have the old IP’s being strongly represented. Add in the Days Gone gorgeous demo and the return of the Monster Hunter franchise back home to Sony with Monster Hunter Worlds, and you have the best of all worlds. But then there was another trailer that floored me with regards to its storytelling and visual detail (in game or not)….

  • Detroit: Become Human’s Superhuman Trailer

The quality of the trailer, the storytelling, everything in-between. Detroit: Become Human was already a “must follow” title a year ago, but now? I am eagerly awaiting whatever info I can get on it. The voice acting, the visual quality of the trailer, I’m still in awe. Hopefully the design choices in regards t how the story plays out creates a unique and gripping experience.

  • Marvel vs Capcom Infinite‘s Cool Storyline Trailer

Storylines and fighting games have started to become something that’s the norm these days. While it wasn’t the most impressive trailers out there, just knowing there’s going to be some kind of effort put into a storyline and story mode for this cross promotion brawler, caught my attention and made me care. Now whether the story delivers in any meaningful manner, we won’t know until September. I just hope my Dr. Strange/Rocket Raccoon pairing will still be as potent and maddening as it was in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

The Bad

  • 2018

For at least Spider-Man, Monster Hunter World and God of War, we have to wait until next year to purchase them. I know the best things comes to those who wait, and that it gives gamers something to look forward to, but it’s going to be pure torture to wait on those titles. There might be long waits for some of the other games as well, which leads me to wonder how much more will be available this holiday season beyond what’s already known, as well as Destiny 2 and the usual Call of Duty release.

  • Virtual Reality Still Means Little

Nothing at all from the VR showcase got me looking forward to purchasing a VR headset for my PS4. While I have little care for virtual reality even before tonight’s conference, Sony did nothing to instill any care to what is coming up. I’m not sure how many more times Bethesda can release The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim at this point; playing it in VR is something that has zero interest for me.

  • Notable Absentees

While Spider-Man, God of War and Days Gone might have caught the attention of gamers, there were a few games that were noticeably absent from the show. No Final Fantasy VII Remake. No Shenmue III. No Death Stranding. Those three alone could have stole the entire show, yet nothing. Thankfully we got a plethora of promising games coming up, so maybe it’s not too much of a negative. If anything, they could have detracted form the other games that were talked about..

What did you think of Sony’s conference? Did you enjoy what you saw more than Microsoft’s? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!


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