#E3: Day 0

Depending on who you talk with, E3 has already begun, whether it was Saturday night or today, Monday the 12th. For me, all the pageantry, pomp and circumstance starts Tuesday and ends on its third day. What is day 0 then? Well that’s the day before Tuesday, where I get my pass, check out the sights and soak it all in before things get crazy the next day.

My day has been pretty elementary; woke up, went out and walked to the Los Angeles Convention Center, taking some pictures along the way, and procuring my E3 pass. I had to take a moment at one point to sit down and let it sink it. The journey back “home” was arduous, and to finally be in front of the LACC…I needed to take a seat and slow time down. I’m hoping to write up something about the journey in a more in-depth manner, but I can’t say for sure if/when that will develop.

Either way, lets take a look at some of the sights I’ve soaked in on day 0. Stay tuned here to Galarian Gaming for more pics, previews and impressions throughout E3 2017:


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