#E3: Day 1


Day one of E3 2017 is in the books, and what a….tiring day this was. I got to the Los Angeles Convention Center at 11am, one hour before the show opened up. To my surprise, the queue to get inside was massive; snaking around several times with no end in sight. After 90 minutes of Queue3, I was able to finally return back home – E3.

I’m going to get a few previews out of the way as best as I can. The purpose of these “day x” articles is mostly just the overall thoughts and feelings in a brief manner, and sharing with you as many photos as I can.

Stay tuned here to Galarian Gaming as I’ll be sharing hands-on previews of a plethora of titles though the next week. For now though, enjoy some of the sights soaked in from today’s show:


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