Dreamcast Mania – 008 – Dynamite Cop!

Completion time: 23:45

So I knew very little about Dynamite Cop! before we actually got started with this one. I knew it was supposed to be a super fun 3D brawler, and have a little bit of a wacky side to it. I absolutely did not expect that not only is it a really, really good 3D brawler, but that the wackiness was cranked to a 10, without it feeling overdone.

When the first thing you see is the protagonist performing a tombstone piledriver, and then transitioning into grabbing the enemy by the ankles and lifting them and smacking them repeatedly, then transition into the next scene and watching an enemy get multiple heel hooks into a scorpion deathlock, unto a bow and arrow, and you haven’t yet started the actual game, you know you’re in for a treat. After nearly pissing myself with laughter, I got started with the game, and found that it wasa damn entertaining 3D brawler that wasn’t afraid to be silly, but not too silly. Gameplay worked well, the scenery changes up just enough but stays true to the locales being featured, and more laughs were had when encountering some more goofy shenanigans.

The biggest shame though, is how incredibly short the game was. With unlimited continues, and admittedly next to no challenge, Dynamite Cop! was a breeze to go through, but in all honesty, the total package was such a blast, that I was fine enough to have such brevity, but rate it the way I will be rating it. It’s hard to justify a purchase though, when the asking price right now is about the same as an EA game in 2021. If you can find it for much cheaper though, please go for it.

Rating: 10


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