Dreamcast Mania – 007 – NFL 2K

Completion time: 1:39:30

Our first of thankfully not a severe onslaught of sports games here on Dreamcast Mania. Then again, if they all were as enjoyable as NFL 2K, I might be wishing that the Sega Dreamcast was loaded with sports games.

For sports games, we are doing any difficulty, with a requirement of doing playoff modes, or whatever equivalent there is (tournament, etc). As I was starting the game, I had said I was going to play the Jacksonville Jaguars, as they are my favorite NFL team (which looking at it in 2021, I need to be comforted). I managed to skip playing the wild card game, since the game had put the Jags as the #1 seed in the AFC.

In a way, I kinda wish they were a wild card team, as I really enjoyed my time with NFL 2K, perhaps more than I ever remember. It’s as close to a perfect sports game as you can find. Excellent commentary and crowd noise, still beautiful to watch in motion 20+ years later, and although it felt like there were a lack of offensive and defensive plays compared to the likes of a Madden NFL 2000, it all played like a dream. Rushing seemed a bit OP, but that’s fine with me!

It’s just a shame that these companies are monopolizing on exclusivity when it comes to sports licenses in video games. EA Sports and 2K Sports have had a monopoly on football, basketball and hockey for far too long, and the results have been a stagnation of each franchise for what seems like a decade now. I long for the days of NFL 2K, where there were fresh takes on these sports franchises, ones that worked exceedingly well. For a time I felt that Madden NFL 2000 was my all-time favorite pigskin title, but after our playthrough of NFL 2K, I think it’s time for a changing of the guard. If you’re fine without rosters from 20+ years ago, this one is dirt cheap to pick up, but well worth it.

Rating: 10


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