PSX Mania – 048 – Dynasty Warriors (1997)

Completion time: 34:25

Before Dynasty Warriors was a massive musou game factory, it began as a 3D weapons based brawler on the PS1, as crazy as it sounds. I was supposed to play this game multiple times in the past, but between channel point redemption’s and general list shuffles, it always managed to evade me. Well, I finally got my hands on it, and it wasn’t bad. I mean it wasn’t that great either, but it was better than the last two fighting game turns I had to deal with.

There’s two attack buttons and two “defense” buttons, which seemingly acted like parries. I say seemingly because I could never get them to work, yet there were times where my regular attacks would clash with the opponents weapon in a parrying manner. It plays competently enough, but again, there’s nothing special about it. You won’t be pulling off slick attacks like Soul Edge or anything.

It kinds sucks that after all this time – I’m talking about the years that I’ve known about the original Dynasty Warriors, and I finally get a chance to play it, only to find it’s like….okay.It’s really not worth the hassle of hunting down, unless you want to hear some of the most misplaced music in a video game. Seriously, felt like I was going to select a vehicle in Ridge Racer with the tunes that were being played.

Rating: 6


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