Backlog Break – 001 – Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS5)

Completion Time: 8:22:35

With this Backlog Break going on, I’ll be clearing games from my massive backlog on stream, and I guess do a little write up for it afterwards, like with PSX and Dreamcast Mania.

First game we took down was Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a game I had played an hour of when it was released, but then like most everything on my backlog, I got sidetracked and forgot about it. Much like Peter Parker’s outing, Miles Morales leans heavily into a well written, well voiced storyline that, although brief (I completed it in just over 8.5hours), was a very profound experience. Miles’ take on the Spider-Man powers was fascinating; he has electrical augmentations, as well as the ability to go invisible briefly as well. This is my first true full-on Miles Morales experience beyond what was displayed in the previous title, and the storyline, characters and pacing eased me into learning a bit more about this awesome hero. It’s not something that will make me buy comic books again to catch up on his escapades, but it does leave me yearning for more via the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Combat plays closely towards Peter’s game, though with the wrinkles of Miles’ electrical powers added in. It’s enough to make gameplay feel refreshing enough, and not a retread at all. In fact, I had a much more enjoyable time playing through battles. Dunno why, it just felt like I was way more into the fights, and pulling off all the parkour and acrobatics. There’s a bit of side content as well; there isn’t as much as last time, but enough to extend the gameplay another 5-7 hours.

About the only two things that turned me off to Miles Morales was the minimalist rogues gallery at hand, as well as just how many people find out/know that Miles is Spider-Man. With the former, it doesn’t weigh things down too heavily, because this was more about getting used to Miles, his friends and his world, which the game did an admirable job doing. The latter though – I’m pretty sure even the gardener of a mansion in Beverly Hills knows that Miles is Spider-Man. I get that his friend Ganke knows, as he’s a bit of a brains to the operation, and one reveal later in the game is understood, but by the very end, it was like the Spider-Man 2 scene where Peter is unmasked, stopping the train, and all those people saw his identity. It’s actually pretty ridiculous at the end, but it doesn’t deflate much of anything for me.

If you’ve been on the fence with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales and wasn’t sure if it was worth the price, well, it is – If it’s not full price. $30 or $40 would be an ideal price, especially if it comes with the Remastered first title. It’s a sub 10 hour main story, although the quality of the storyline is that high tier. Get ready for some feels at the very end, although it doesn’t reach that heart-wrenching ending from Marvel’s Spider-Man. That was brutal. But pick this up on a sale, whether or not you have played the first game or not.

Rating: 8


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