Quick Stream Update

I had purchased SCART cables for both the PS1 and Dreamcast last month, in hopes that it’d force me back to streaming again. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that these cables would take much, much longer to arrive than I anticipated. There were no indications on the ordering page that it would take a long time to get the items shipped, and I didn’t discover this until I checked the website again where I bought them. Disappointing that the info seemed buried out of a viewing conveniences way, but it’s probably my fault too for seeing they had them in stock and assuming it was all GTG.

Nonetheless, still no cables, and I may either get a refund or just try and be patient. In the meantime, there are several releases coming this week that I would like to stream some, including Knights of the Old Republic on Switch, Skyrim Anniversary Edition and GTA The Trilogy. Shin Megami Tensei V is another, but suddenly Amazon is non-committal about it being delivered by Friday. I’d like to stream *something* this week. We’ll see. A lot is/has been/will be in flux with me, so it’s all day/moment of decisions.

Hopefully I’ll see you all this week on Twitch!


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