365-2 Update: August 2021

As if I didn’t have enough to keep tabs of, I think that giving a short monthly update until we hit January, would help keep folks invested and interested. I’m not going to give walls of text on the updates, but we’ll go through the inner workings, so to say.

My plan was to complete the difficult part of this first (get to 200 games listed on my initial queue (some of them likely getting swapped out at the 11th hour), and then begin work on the easy part – the actual reviews. It may not seem like it, but it’s a bit of an arduous task to pin down the right games to review. I try to fit in ones I’ve played before and haven’t reviewed and won’t have to replay much to refresh my views of the game, for brevity’s sake. I also try and find games that I either have played very little of, or not at all, that will lend themselves to being interesting reviews, as well as not too many huge time sinks. Once I have a bigger queue I’ll tackle many more of the longer playtime games (I do plan on streaming a couple of Grand Theft Auto games however, though likely more as refreshers and not complete playthroughs).

A spark lit up in me late night/early morning of August 4th, and I had this overwhelming urge to write reviews. So I did.

Six of them. And I did two more after I typed this out!

These are reviews of games I’ve recently played and are still fresh in my memory. Nonetheless, we’ve inadvertently began our journey to 365 reviews earlier than anticipated! I’m pretty excited with how the words flowed out as easily as they did. Of course while I say that I wrote six reviews already, like any and every I write after them, I’m going to have a second and third pass through them before they are 100% ready. More than likely the game that will launch this project will be Batman: The Video Game on the NES.

Another reason why I haven’t reached 200 games queued yet is because I’ve been spending the better part of the last week getting my Wii U up and running via softmods, games installed, etc. It took about six days to have everything I wanted and set, and outside running through certain games to make sure they work (already ran into an issue with Medal of Honor: Rising Sun where it was a hard lock up upon loading the game up). Because I have the Wii U up and running, there’s a bit of a lean towards Nintendo based titles being on the list, consisting of handheld titles up to and including the DS and console games spanning all generations up to and including the Wii U library.

I’m likely going to shift around my streaming list to include some Wii U streams a bit sooner than I had originally planned. I definitely cannot wait to stream some DS games without having to use my PC to emulate them. The Wii U emulation of DS games, for the ones I have at least, run silky smooth. As a bit of a spoiler, we’ll likely be taking a look at all three Castlevania DS titles on stream. As soon as my Retrotink 5X arrives, we’ll also go a bit head first into the semblances of PSX Mania, with plans to dip back to Dreamcast Mania for a title here and there, and then work in other real hardware (PS2, Xbox, SNES N64).

I have one themed week set for sure (THAT Came Out On The Game Boy Color?! Week). I have tentative plans for a Spider-Man week that will take place the week of Spider-Man’s anniversary, as well as New York Week, which will take a look at open world titles that take place in NYC. The latter I’m still drafting up a list of potential games. For the former, I have a rough idea of the seven games that will be included. I want to do at least six weeks worth of themed content at minimum. If things are going well, I’ll try for more.

That about does it for this months updates. This was something that was a spur of the moment kind of idea – doing a monthly update article, mostly to keep my mind on writing where and when I can. I’ll likely move the next four updates to the first of each month and give the previous months progress that way. Along with whatever developments occur, I’ll give everyone a sneak preview of some of the games on my list. Keep visiting Galarian Gaming and check my Twitter for any updates I may have between now and then, and give me a follow on Twitch, where I’ll finally (hopefully, weather permitting) begin streaming some more.


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