**MAJOR** Content Shifts Coming To Galarian Gaming

Throughout this summer, there’s been a major lack of productivity on my side, and it leading to a major lack of content on the site side. When I started to get the ball rolling again with content on Galarian Gaming earlier this year, the emphasis was on written content that came about from streaming on Twitch. With my living situation, I have no air conditioning in this room, and rely on two fans that pretty much blow. It gets so warm and miserable in here, that it becomes a nuisance to stream, or do anything that doesn’t allow me to step away often for various periods of time, at will. Due to this, streams have all be been just about called off until we get closer to the fall.

At the start of the year, we unveiled PSX Mania – the quest to beat most of the North American Sony PlayStation game library (minus most sports games). Months later we added in Dreamcast Mania, which saw us attempting to play through every North American Dreamcast game (minus duplicates) plus a handful of imports and unreleased games (265 games in total). Both of these projects have been a blast, and have aided in providing consistent content here on the site.

But while I’ve been sidelined from streaming, a number of things started to develop. For one, and I knew this coming in to the world of streaming – you need a certain personality and demeanor for Twitch streaming on the regular (like full time 35+ hours a week). Right now, I don’t feel like I have that quality, however that doesn’t mean I am giving up on streaming. If anything, my plans and goals that I’ll be going over shortly have a lot to do with streaming still, in a much more casual manner.

But the big takeaway from this “layoff” from streaming and consistent writing has been that:

  1. I want to do more work on The Galarian Chronicles and be consistent with that
  2. I want to scale back on the Mania projects for a number of reasons
  3. I suddenly have a desire to work on something I’ve done before

So after spending the last few days thinking hard about everything, and having the last couple of days reveal this desire to work on something similar to what I did a decade ago (that was batshit crazy), I think I feel comfortable enough to start announcing major changes to how I want to go about providing content here on the site. It’s not decisions I take lightly, however as a content creator of sorts, I want to be sure I am enjoying what I am doing, in the fullest ways possible.

On Hold

Before I go over my ideas and desires for the future, I want to highlight what I plan on putting on hold. I knew doing both PSX/Dreamcast Mania would be both a drain, and heavily time consuming. I started with the PlayStation, although I really wanted to do the Dreamcast more. I’m on game #44 of the PlayStation run, while I’m on game #5 for the Dreamcast. I know with the Dreamcast, if I just ground and pound my way through, would take me a couple of years to complete the journey. The PlayStation is a whole other story. It would likely be realistic to say that it will take nearly a decade to get to the end, what with all the of the RPG’s and all the lengthy titles in general

That’s part of, though the main reason why I’ve decided to put PSX Mania on an indefinite hiatus, as we know it currently. Part of the plans I have coming up will require me to play through some PlayStation titles anyway, so when that happens, we’ll bring it back for that instance (Streamlabs scene, timer and everything). The way we know the project as a whole though, will be on a hiatus. That’s not me cancelling it outright, but re-prioritizing what I want to do, and what goes on the site.

I know there have been folks that really enjoyed it, and I honestly have as well. Unfortunately, it needs to be put to the side for a while if I am trying to put myself in a position to execute all the plans I have in mind. Again, every so often I will be playing a PlayStation game for the major project I have in store, and when that happens we’ll do it as a PSX Mania entry, but beyond that, it’ll be on indefinite hold in regards to how I was working on it before.

What’s Staying

I already talked about The Silver Series this week, and how I was taking the next 365 days to celebrate 25 years of “games journalism” writing, gaming as a whole, and so on. Since those are periodic pieces that I’ll be doing throughout the year, the shift in content change here will not affect it. In a way, the major plans I have in mind might help augment those lists, but we’ll go into that when it’s time.

Something else that’s staying is, and it’s going to be an even bigger challenge to do this – staying consistent with The Galarian Chronicles, as well as updates to it. In actuality, anytime I write about it as a whole, I draw a large viewership overall. I want to retain that and their interests in my journey to completing it. With this major project coming. it might be a challenge. However, this is the second time that I am working on a project of this scale, so I know that I can get half of it done this year, and the second half done throughout next year. With that in mind, I should be able to keep to writing my story in a faithful manner. From past experiences, I know I can’t force myself to write this out, but there’s still going to be an emphasis on the whole project nonetheless.

What’s Changing

With PSX Mania on the shelf for some time, that frees up my time and attention overall. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Dreamcast Mania will go on in a more focused manner, however. It’s going to continue, likely with Shadow Man being shelved for later and completely starting it over down the line when it comes up. There is an inherent problem with trying to set up my major plans and working on this project at the same time, and it has to do with reviews. I put these reviews up for each Dreamcast game we beat, more or less the same day we beat them, the same as I did with the PlayStation games we completed. Dreamcast games are a part of the big plans coming, as are PlayStation games, and I have to discover a way to integrate the former into said plans, while not throwing off the tone, feel and execution of Dreamcast Mania. I may have an idea for that.

With that, the consistency of streaming the project is going to be in a bit of a flux for the foreseeable future. There might be times in 2022 where I stream a ton in a row, mostly to coincide with the plans, so it’s not like we’ll be bereft of streams. Once I am able to stream consistently again however, a good portion of the streams I do for a while will link up to what I am working on for the major project. I’m not going to be streaming every single thing involved with the project however, but a fair number of things going into said project will be streamed. The goal of the project will always remain beating every North American Dreamcast game with bonus imports added, but how often and when I stream that is changing up.

— — —

So this begs the question: what is this major project you are brainstorming and starting to get going? OG’s from Chocolate Lemon that have followed me for well over a decade might already have guessed. It’s a massive project I have worked on before to completion, one that I’ve talked about over the years on here as well. It’s probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever worked on, and at that time, hell even looking back at it now, I don’t think anyone has ever done anything like it around the time I did it. At the same time as well, working on it was one of the most enjoyable times of my life.

For those that that get it – yep… I am crazy to attempt this a second time.

For the uninitiated – you’re going to have to wait until next week for the full reveal!

I’ll put together an article about it, my tentative plans for it that I have not elaborated on yet, and so on. Just like the first time I announced this (although the first time I did this, I already had half the workload completed before I announced it), there is no escaping it – it’s do or die. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been wanting to do this again for a few years now, and the whole PSX Mania and Dreamcast Mania deal pushed that desire even further.

I hope that you’ll join me at the start of this coming week, where we’ll officially announce the last bit of our sanity is about to be depleted, and officially reveal this project, which will span the entire year of 2022!


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