PSX Mania – 030 – Triple Play 2000 (1999)

Completion time: 40:47

I’ve never been a big baseball video game fan. Last one I vividly remember playing was, oddly enough, Triple Play 2001, and All-Star Baseball 2000 on the Nintendo 64. I’m aiming to do most, if not all, EA Sports 2000 labeled games in the first 100 games we play, and this is the fourth one thus far. As crazy as it is, EA Sports is now 4 for 4 in regards to a solid sports game within the 2000 label.

Pitching threw me off at first. From what I remembered with baseball games, you pick a pitch and then manually direct where you want the pitch to land. With Triple Play 2000, you pick the type of pitch, and then what area of the strike zone you want to throw it (top, bottom, left, right, or throw it as a ball instead in those aforementioned areas). After an inning it felt fine to use, but for the most part, I didn’t feel like I was in command of my pitches, rarely throwing a strike and getting three strikeouts total. Fielding was fine once I figured out what button does what.

Batting felt solid, with an option to normal swing, bunt or power sing. The latter is more detrimental if you misread pitches and mistime your swing, but I smacked one out of Shea Stadium and right into Yankees Stadium with Mike Piazza on a 501 ft. bomb. Just sucks that the giant apple didn’t pop up, as is tradition for when the home team knocks a homer out into the stands.

There’s really not much else I can say about Triple Play 2000. It’s an entertaining baseball game, strong mechanics, and yet another EA Sports success story in the 2000 lineup. Are we daring to go 5 for 5? We shall see! Worth giving a shot.

Rating: 8

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