The Galarian Chronicles – Update #3

I did promise 1-2 updates a month on the status of The Galarian Chronicles, regardless of how meager, or extravagant the news may be. Unfortunately this falls under the former, with the promise of perhaps the latter.

I’m actually able to sleep now, which has not only settled how ill I’ve been feeling in part to that, but has cleared my head enough to focus better on getting things done. Unfortunately, those developments happened towards the second half of the month. Work is ramping back up very slowly, with all signs pointing to actual updates of substance in February, but there hasn’t been a significant enough update to what has been done. At least that malaise from the lack of sleep has lifted, and that’s helping with more than just my productivity.

It might be a short, much ado about nothing update here, but it’s leading towards something worthwhile finally.

The one thing I’m still struggling with, is how to show a snippet of what I have, for a taste of what the adventures with Galarian and Aeriann will entail. in this first book. Should it be an excerpt from something that happens? Should it be a whole chapter or half a chapter? Should it be something to really tease readers and leave them hanging until the book is complete? I don’t know yet, and I’m still trying to mull it over and figure out the best approach for this.

Nonetheless, even though it’s a non-eventful update, I’m currently in a position to put a lot more time into this project. I also haven’t done much in the way of gaming articles lately, as it feels like it’s moved from my primary focus, or a more secondary place, though still quite important to me. Nothing strikes me as a “must buy” so far this year, nor are there any topics I’d like to explore.

Hopefully I can get an update before the middle of February has come, or at least by then. So stay tuned to what will thankfully be a more fruitful update to the progress of The Galarian Chronicles.


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