The Galarian Chronicles – Update #2

Though I’ve been scatterbrain more than usual, here’s another update on what’s going on with The Galarian Chronicles.

With regards to content, the first five chapters, as well as a majority of the final chapter, are “complete”. By that I mean the text is down, the fine tuning, pacing and structure may not be totally fleshed out enough. Five chapters in is barely scratching the surface though, so there’s a ton more that needs to be put down onto paper, so to say. There’s some stuff I already know I want to tweak, mostly to infuse more exposition in an appropriate manner, but that will come in a bit.

It’s been difficult to find a proper pacing with writing this. I’m doing 1001 things, and a majority of that time, I don’t have it in me to put this all down into writing. I have this living, breathing universe in my head, and ready to be shared, but the application of “words to paper” seems more arduous than it should be. It’s definitely not that I dislike writing; why would I be writing anything at all in general?  A lack of focus would be a good way of putting it, but at the same time, I attempted to set out a schedule to follow in terms of setting some time aside to write, and it was a fruitless gesture.

I have a whole year left to get this done. Though that seems like more than enough time, it feels like the days are drawing near in a rapid fashion. Do I still feel that I’ll get this done and out there by the end of 2019? Yes and no. I feel I can get this 100% completed, but in regards to how I will distribute it, that’s becoming something that I feel I may not accomplish in time. What am I even expecting from this? I can aim for the stars and say that I am trying to share a universe and world that will be the next big sensation; I can easily see how the series could be adapted into a visual form of entertainment. But my modest and humble side would say that, if anything, I am sharing an adventure that will leave a lasting impact on those who read it, and give them two protagonists that they will be emotionally invested it.

Honestly, outside working on a few chapters over the last few months, after I completed my Top 25 Games of All-Time list, I haven’t done much writing. This time of year is notoriously incapacitating to me, where I just want to spend time getting through these months in whatever way makes me happy, and whatever way passes the days fast. As much as I love writing The Galarian Chronicles, and as much as I want to complete it, I feel more compelled to binge watch True Crime Daily on YouTube, NESmania from TheMexicanRunner on YouTube, torture myself with how god awful Fallout 76 is (yet how entertained it keeps me, in spite of its self), and more.

It’s difficult to really “find the time” to write this. Placing a strict schedule didn’t work, and made it feel like a chore rather than something magical. Ironically, anytime I am at work, I feel the urge to write, and then when I get home, all I am able to do is eat and sleep soon after. It’s such a bizarre feeling – being as excited as I am to share this story and this world with everyone, yet having trouble placing the time and place to get more of this story written out.

Nonetheless, that’s where things stand right now. About a half dozen chapters written already (word count I’ll have to get another time – it’s either below or at 10k words, but I can’t say with certainty just yet), the fire still rages inside me, but the struggles to find the right balance, time and pacing to write is disheartening. Sure as all hell that I ain’t gonna give up. Going to aim for 1-2 updates a month here, regardless of how meager, or grandiose each will be.


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