Quick Update

There’s been an obvious lack of content in the month of December. Unfortunately I’ve been sick most of this month (and a portion of the last two months really), with it peaking this weekend with a diagnosis of a viral bacterial infection of some sort. Talking sends me into uncontrollable coughing fits. I’ve had other physical ailments throughout the last week too, and needless to say I’ve been drained, and I can’t hide it. At least with the downtime I did revisit the entire X-Men TAS from the 90’s, and how enjoyable they still are to this day (sans season 5, minus the series finale). Next up is Batman TAS or one of my all-time favs, Batman Beyond.

I’ve had one article I’ve been sitting on the whole month but haven’t pulled the trigger on it yet. I also have my game of the year list coming up likely before this Friday, that’s 95% complete.

Unfortunately though, a project I was working on and was really enjoying, will likely be scrapped, or possibly started halfway into 2018 and conclude at the end of said year. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time; positivity focused and focusing on things I love in gaming. There’s a lot of components to it and the plan was to work on finishing at least the first half by the end of this year. Sadly I’ve only got about seven parts done with (out of a hundred).

Stay tuned to Galarian Gaming for my game of the year article, and onward to 2018 – a year where I will work as hard as I can to push the growth of the name and brand and increase the quality and quantity of my work.

As well as hopefully not end up being the 2018 version of The Boy in the Plastic Bubble. Santa, give me an immune system for Christmas!


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