The SNES-Styled Nintendo 3DS Is Coming To North America, And It Is Glorious

A couple of months ago, Nintendo unveiled yet another skin variant of their ultra popular handheld, the 3DS. This version, however, was unlike the plethora before it, as it was pained to resemble a Super Famicom. This beauty was only available in European territories, leaving other regions out in the cold.

That is, until now.

It’s now being reported that, although the slick Super Famicom model won’t be making an appearance stateside, its North American cousin, the Super Nintendo, will be featured as a skin for an upcoming Nintendo 3DS XL model in said region.

Different variations of Nintendo’s handhelds are pretty common; some bundles even command a high value long after they have been released.

There’s even a Game Boy Micro 20th anniversary unit with a Famicom color scheme that still can fetch a ridiculously high amount.


This latest 3DS skin has the familiar Super Nintendo aesthetics painted onto the top of it, done in gray and purple.

3dssnesinside.jpgThe interior retains the gray shell color, in addition to the two toned purple face buttons, just like the North American Super Nintendo controller.

This Amazon exclusive 3DS XL unit also comes bundled with a downloadable code for the Super Nintendo gem Super Mario Kart, completing the whole Super Nintendo motif.

It’s been a super few months for Nintendo fans, with the Super Nintendo Classic releasing on September 27th, and now two months after that, a Super Nintendo decked out 3DS XL will be available.

The Super Nintendo 3DS XL model will be released on Amazon on November 27th. Will you be picking up this sexy handheld?


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  1. Alisha Ross says:

    Uh F-Zero was the TITS in 91, Yoshis Island, ZeldaLink to Past/ChronoTrigger, Mario Cart/SuperMarioWorld & Turtles inTime OMG, fantastic games.
    SF2 was the game that started al the fighting craze… PERIOD.
    Mortal Kompats don’t belong on this list, as they did nothing for gaming other than the rating system & Ultra Hype that evaporates after a wek of playing unlike SF, also pick one of EarthWorm Jims not 1&2, they’re almost identical.
    Also StarFox was just good, i bought it, got boring in a couple of weeks.”


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