#E3: Day 2

There comes a point where ones feet begin to literally beg for mercy after walking for so long. Most people tend to heed that cry immediately. I kept going.

15+ miles later, I am beyond pooped, and probably should have took more breaks 14 miles ago.

Day 2 of E3 2017 was just as enjoyable as yesterday, with a less stressful feeling to it. I got some hands-on time with Super Mario Odyssey, Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. With the amount of people attending this years event, it’s become next to impossible to get as much hands-on time with games; in 2010 I did over a dozen previews while this year may be under ten.

But from what I have played this year, I am thoroughly excited for the next several months and beyond for gaming.

Stay Tuned to Galarian Gaming as I’ll be sharing some more hands-on previews as I am able to. Until then, here’s a massive pile of pictures taken from the second day:

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I've been writing about gaming off and on since 1998, and a gamer since 1983. After an extended hiatus (and then a hiatus on top of the hiatus), I've decided to open up my own Wordpress site and get back to what's felt like my lifelong passion - writing about anything and everything gaming related. I'm always looking for new opportunities to extend my reach and share my work. If you like what you see, please email me at galariandotcom@gmail.com

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