Backlog Break – 010 – Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Completion time: 6:59:50

It’s been over a decade since I did a proper playthrough of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I was actually shocked at how little I remembered about the game, outside knowing a few spots were absolute dog shite to deal with. After it was all said and done (and five hours faster than I remember it last taking me to defeat), my feelings for the game have not changed – it’s still a solid adventure that desperately needs a movie adaptation.

There’s nothing outright wrong with The Force Unleashed, only a few sticking points. The camera can become finicky at points, though not in a consistent enough manner to become frustrating. Platforming can also be a bit delicate to deal with how quickly Starkiller drops after his double jump. This doesn’t really affect the gameplay too often though, as there aren’t a ton of areas that requires a double jump. Finally the second boss can kiss my ass. An absolutely frustrating endeavor to defeat him, with all of the other bosses being reasonable enough. Hell, I didn’t even die on the second to last and final bosses.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is still a solid game from beginning to end. Despite its frustrations and how most of the unlocked moves are not even needed to make it through most battles, it’s very much worth experiencing. While Jedi Fallen Order might handle storytelling much better, the adventures of Starkiller is something that all Star Wars fans should experience, whether playing through the game themselves, or sitting down and watching a longplay of it. It’s just a crying shame that there was no effort in adapting this into a film, which would have definitely done gangbusters.

Now let’s see if The Force Unleashed 2 is as incredibly disappointing as I remembered it being.

Rating: 8

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