PSX Mania – 058 – Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout (1997)

Completion time: 18:40

I have heard horror stories about the two Dragon Ball fighting games on the PS1. I never really learned which of the two were worse. Honestly though, I’m not sure how much below the barrel you can dig under to be worse than Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout.

Where War Gods was playable, Final Bout literally doesn’t work properly in any aspect. It’s one of the ugliest games on the console, from its abysmal character models to the jpeg backgrounds. But the most important aspect to a fighting game (how it plays) is botched beyond comprehension. Your attacks and moves in general are so slow and sluggish, that you’ll find yourself mashing buttons and giving your controller a death grip, trying to will the moves into reality. I don’t think there were any special moves other than the usual DBZ fireball madness, and even that fails to come out consistently. The AI is frustrating on easy….until you realize that playing a small character and mashing punch will get you easy wins.

The only saving grace to this colossal failure of a video game is a solid soundtrack. Great tunes notwithstanding, Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout is the absolute worst fighting game on the console (so far). The fact that it can fetch as much as it does complete, it ‘s beyond mindblowing. This isn’t the kind of game where it’s so bad that you have to see it for yourself to know….no, no it’s not. I played this heap of fecal matter so you won’t ever have to. Really though, this might be one of the worst games as a whole on the console.

Rating: 0


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