Dreamcast Mania – 016 – Gunbird 2

Completion time: 30:30

This is the first shoot em up I’ve played for either Dreamcast Mania or PSX Mania. I am notoriously awful at these, and in general I’m just not a fan. I’ve had fleeting moments of enjoyment with the likes of Philosoma and Einhander, but in general, I am just not a fan. Gunbird 2 though, has infinite continues, so that makes things better.

We started on Normal difficulty, but once we got to stage 1-5, anytime we hit a game over, we had to redo the entire stage. There was no way I was going to escape that with my sanity, so I did what any man with no shame would do – I bumped the difficulty down to “Baby”. This made the entire experience a joke, although it did create a memorable moment that I won’t even live down:


Overall though, Gunbird 2 is a pretty good entry level shoot em up. Baby difficulty really dumbs things down to where a baby could probably beat the game. It suffers from a lot of slowdown as well, which will only add to the lack of difficulty. The only problem is I’m pretty sure this is yet another expensive Sega Dreamcast game. It actually did see a Nintendo Switch port, so if you want to try and ease yourself into a notoriously brutal genre, give Gunbird 2 a shot.

Rating: 7


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