Backlog Break – 007 – Dead Rising 2: Case West

Completion time: 2:19:45

We conclude our Dead Rising 2 trilogy journey with Case West. This was something I had played previously, but apparently not very much. I vaguely remembered the story taking place in a warehouse and being up in the rafters. I didn’t remember much else though, and apparently I barely played it, as I had 0/12 achievements unlocked at the start of this playthrough.

Case West was a paradox to me. Out of the three Dead Rising 2 games, this was by far my favorite, yet not only does it share the annoyances of the previous two titles, but it really shouldn’t even have existed. By the end, you have more questions asked than questions answered. I’m not entirely sure if subsequent sequels shed any light on all of this, but instead of walking away from the Chuck Greene/Frank West trilogy with closure, it opened way more doors.

Honestly though, Dead Rising 2: Case West did not need to exist. It was my favorite of the trilogy sure, but it kinda just felt like they made it just to try and squeeze some more money out of fans of the series. it worked though – I bought into it, and if you enjoy the franchise, as much as it really shouldn’t be a thing, it wouldn’t kill you to play it.

Rating: 8


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