Backlog Break – 005 – Dead Rising 2: Case 0

Completion time: 1:41:00

We did a little last second shuffling tonight. Originally we were going to play Ni no Kuni next on the Backlog Break, but a part of me wanted to really get the Dead Rising 2 trilogy started. So we shuffled the deck a bit, put the RPG for a later time. We got Dead Rising 2: Case 0 out of the way pretty quickly, I think too quickly though.

We accidentally got the bad ending, which is an ending. The problem was there was way too severe of a time restriction we had to adhere to. The area we had to play in was very small, but movement is so, soooooooo slow. We had three of the five bike parts we needed to escape with the good ending, but by the time we found the fourth piece, the timer was ticking down to the military arrival.

Case 0 still looks decent enough today, with a solid enough audio package (even though the voice acting was inconsistent – they’ll yell for help and then when you reach them, only use text communications). It’s an entertaining, limited piece of the universe that’s supposed to serve as the vehicle to launch Dead Rising 2. I just wish the strict timing weren’t so frustrating, and that Chuck’s mobility wasn’t so lacking.

Beyond that though, it’s like less than $10 I believe. Not too sure if you can still buy this off XBLA, but it’s worth the money for a bite sized, though frustrating prelude of things to come. I do remember feeling more or less the same as I do now, back when I first played it. Good, nothing outstanding, and can do worse.

Rating: 7


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