Dreamcast Mania – 012 – Marvel vs Capcom

Completion time: 33:00

Well before I replayed Marvel vs Capcom for Dreamcast Mania, I always saw it as the weakest of the entire Vs franchise. The roster wasn’t anything special, the hidden characters were mostly just palette swaps without much going for them, and I generally disliked the assist system implemented.

Playing it for the first time in years, it reminded me just how much I just generally found this to be an “okay” installment of this massive franchise. For some odd reason, playing it on a Dreamcast controller provided more fits than I remember. It’s just strange that Marvel vs Capcom 2 plays perfectly fine on it, yet it was a headache for this one. Perhaps it’s because there are six attack buttons instead of four, perhaps the character roster was just that dull, I don’t know. All I really know is that even to this day, it’s a drab fighter to play.

The audio and visual presentation was pretty damn good though, that’s for sure. I did enjoy how each stage looked, and the music was actually some of the better that I could remember coming from Capcom during that era. Unfortunately, playing Marvel vs Capcom, while it’s a competent fighting game, is a bit dull. You’d do better with just about any other fighting game on the console, especially Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Rating: 7


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