Dreamcast Mania – 010 – Mark of the Wolves

Completion time: 28:00

When it comes to a fighting game that I wish I was good at, it’s always been SNK’s finest hour – Mark of the Wolves. Between the Dreamcast version and the Xbox Live Arcade release, its remained as much in the present day as possible. It’s a shame that it never picked up as much steam as it should have in regards to being a featured tournament fighter, because it’s a deep, highly enjoyable fighting game.

As someone that has never been much of an SNK fighter player, Mark of the Wolves feels like the most refined of SNK’s titles. The combat was tight and fluid, the super moves were no longer convoluted inputs, the roster, while a bit small, was filled with a diverse line up of brawlers, the visuals were some of the best for a fighting game of its era, and so much more. The Just Defend system was enjoyable, and presented as much opportunity to change each match as parrying was in the Street Fighter III series, mostly because it worked just like it, but in reverse (to parry, you press into the attack as it gets to you, for Just Defend, you press away instead).

Mark of the Wolves is a top five fighter for the Sega Dreamcast, on a console where there are more heavyweights in that genre than anywhere else. It’s super difficult as well, that or I just suck at it. Even if I suck at it, I absolutely love to pick this up from time to time and play a few games. If you want to give this a try (and I highly recommend this for all fighting game fans), go for the much cheaper, more easily accessible XBLA version.

Rating: 10

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