Dreamcast Mania – 005 – Project Justice

Completion time: 26:55

Dreamcast Mania is finally back! After a longer than anticipated pause, we got it going once more, starting with the sequel to a game I had just completed hours earlier on PSX ManiaProject Justice. Unlike the PS1 release, I had never played the sequel, nor have I really seen much about it in general. One thing’s for sure though, it’s way more refined the second time around.

Literally every aspect was improved on, from how good Project Justice looked, to the audio, to the presentation, right on through to gameplay. There was more of an emphasis on storytelling as well, although that kinda fell flat, with hammy dialog and nonsensical happenings. Even still, the experience was well worth it. As with Rival Schools, this is a game where you really need to spend some time with it to better understand the fighting engine, but what I discovered and did, was very well done.

The biggest knock on Project Justice has nothing to do with how the game plays or how it is in general, but rather the super inflated price tag for it currently. It’s an exceptional game for sure, but I’m not sure if I’d go head first into putting down that much money for it. Sadly there’s nothing like this that I can think of, so if you want to give this a go, your only option is to shell out the cash (or emulate it, of course, but I try not to advocate piracy overall). Check my VOD and check some YouTube videos on it and see if it’s something you want to invest in.

Rating: 9


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