PSX Mania – 052 – Pocket Fighters (1999)

Completion time: 35:00

I remember back when I used to own Pocket Fighters, I enjoyed the piss out of it. It’s as close to a Fischer Price My First Fighting Game as you can get. Even still, for as newbie friendly as the game can be, there’s a bit of depth to the fighting engine as a whole.

One thing that thing playthrough reminded me about was how beautiful the visuals as a whole were. The chibi characters look ell detailed, but the backgrounds steal the show. So many little thing all around, with tons of animation all around. It’s actually quite staggering how much detail and animation is involved with these backgrounds.

Sadly, I think this might be a slightly pricey game to acquire. If you can find it at a reasonable price, then pick up Pocket Fighters. Capcom hasn’t made anything like it since, which is a shame. It’s a 2D sprite showcase for sure, but it’s also a fun little fighting game to waste some time on.

Rating: 8


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