PSX Mania – 046 – X-Men Mutant Academy 2 (2001)

Completion time: 22:25

We played through the first X-Men Mutant Academy months ago, and it was a pleasant surprise, as it played pretty damn well, though the super move system was a bit nonsensical in its application. I’ve actually been looking forward to giving the sequel a shot, since it’s not often when a sequel completely craps the bed.

And of course, the sequel crapped the bed.

Everything that the first game did, the sequel just defecated on. The visuals overall were a step down, the combat was easily exploitable, the AI was imbecilic, literally every positive from the first game was turned upside down. The worst (best?) part is that the game just ends before you even realize it.

It’s such a shame that X-Men Mutant Academy 2 fails at nearly every juncture. It could have had the potential to be the best Marvel based fighting game on the console, and instead, ends up easily being the single worst. If you get a chance to play the first game, do it. If you see the second on sale somewhere, shield your eyes and run away. What a disappointment.

Rating: 3


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