PSX Mania – 044 – Street Fighter Alpha (1996)

Completion time: 17:05


Okay while PSX Mania as it was is no longer going to be focused upon, I needed to do some derusting for my Dreamcast Mania work. So we took out like 10-11 games on the PS1 that I had queued for when I was working on 365-2 but halted those plans. The return saw us visit one of Capcom’s notable releases, Street Fighter Alpha.

Even on the PS1, Alpha manages to play considerably well. The game speed is there, enough frames of animation were present. Basically, it’s everything I remember it being, and it’s all positive….well, besides the ease of the game its self, and a smaller roster as well, but hey, it’s still a solid piece of work.

Street Fighter Alpha was one of those games that I wish I could have spent more time playing through than just the once and done clearing, but too many games, too little time. It brings me back to a simpler time, when Capcom fighters were actually fun and awesome.

If you, for some odd reason, happen to come across a copy of Street Fighter Alpha in the wild, definitely give it a go. It shouldn’t cost very much these days, and it’s a solid fighting engine that helped pave the way to two sequels.

Rating: 9



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